Small Town-Big Screen

Small town-Big screen trailer

RICE day is three days away. Before joining us to see the final product, check out the trailer.

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Meet Levi

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Levi. Levi not only works at the theatre but also is directing the play FAME that will be featured in the Sunset theatre. Levi’s interview was a lot of fun. He has such a charismatic, outgoing, energetic and sweet person. He was able […]

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What is your favorite movie genre?

Every one has that one movie genre they love. This poll is looking at what genre seems to be the most popular among those taking the survey. The results of this poll will be brought back to Colin at Sunset so they can get a better idea of what movies […]

Meet the manager

Collin is the manager of the Sunset Theatre in Sumner Iowa. Collin is a young manager with big goals and a unique drive to help the community as much as he can by ensuring a smooth running theater. With Collin being a young manager and having an even younger staff […]

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Some of the friends and employees who were at the group hangout.

Meeting new people, forming bonds and….mafia

Hey guys just a quick update on our project! Over the past weekend our group took a visit to Sumner to visit the 99cent theatre because they were having an employee gathering to relax and enjoy time together. During our time there Collin invited his friends and employees to get […]

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