View from the west: Abby Wetzler

View from the west: Abby Wetzler

After spending last summer at Wartburg West, I returned to Denver to attend the fundraising event I helped plan during my internship. I was a development resources intern with a woman’s shelter called The Gathering Place. The fundraiser will hopefully raise much-needed funds for The Gathering Place’s many programs to […]

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A senior’s bucket list

Like nearly every other fourth-year, I cannot believe I’m actually here. I’m a senior. Up until this month and even now, I’m scared to say it; I’m graduating. In a few short months, I’m going to walk across a stage and get on with my life. A secret? I’m terrified. […]

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Odyssey comes to Wartburg

Odyssey comes to Wartburg

Few people noticed, but something big happened on social media on April 25. At 8:42 a.m., Wartburg College published its first Odyssey article. Since then, 47 more articles have been published by the Wartburg chapter. Those articles have already been shared on Facebook 3,022 times, and that’s just the start […]

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A senior’s last days at Wartburg

As we enter the final week of May Term, in the midst of wrapping up with a final project and my track career, I took some time to reflect on my senior year and my time at Wartburg as a whole. When I first stepped onto campus as a first […]

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Alex Gheysens, a Belgian Wartburg student, reacts to the ISIS attack in Belgium

Wartburg student reacts to attack in Brussels

“Are all of your family and friends okay in Belgium?” This is the text message I woke up to after my alarm went off. I didn’t need more context to understand what had happened. With the recent Paris attacks and terrorist threats in Belgium, I knew what to expect. After […]

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