Letter to the Editor

By Kasey Earl Wadding, Bremer County Attorney Dear Wartburg students, I have had very positive experiences with Wartburg Students during my 16 years as the Bremer County Attorney. I expect that I will continue to enjoy the same thoughtfulness and politeness in the future. This contact has occurred as a […]

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Western Sahara, my home

By Selamou Mohamed Ahmed I am one of two students at Wartburg College from Western Sahara. Western Sahara is an African-Arab nation, a member of the African Union, and Africa’s last colony. It was formally known as the Spanish Sahara and it spans over 102,000 square miles, or about twice […]

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Professional dress guidelines: too strict?

By Hannah Burlingame Emily Banwart throws another skirt onto the already mountainous pile on the floor. Some of the clothes are too casual while others are too tight. One skirt is a baby’s finger length too short. She keeps adding more clothes to the pile because they do not fit […]

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Gender equality furthered by Title IX, but not enough

By Sarah Boraas In this generation, few of us remember how things were in 1972. We’ve heard of the Watergate Scandal and know how famous the Beatles were but aren’t truly informed on the struggle for equality that was taking place or appreciate the fight women went through. An appreciation […]

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The W should offer more space to play

By Ryan Liddle It was a regular winter day at Wartburg. My friends and I were looking to get some exercise and enjoy a little competition one evening, so we went to play a pick-up basketball game at The W. Upon arriving, it was quite obvious that we would not […]

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