Downtown Waverly shop owners keep business in the family

After growing up, living and working in downtown Waverly, two sisters have decided to turn their passion into work and each now owns her own business.

Deb Mummelthei owns the home décor shop, Love and Lace, and her younger sister JoLynn Reinhardt owns clothing store JoMarco Boutique. Mummelthei says the shops reflect the sister’s individual personalities.

“I like the gifts and creative stuff. I’m more of an artist,” said Mummelthei. “She’s more of a fashion designer girl, so we both have our own niche.”

Growing up, the sister’s parents owned the Tall Corn, a bar that was located where the Pour House now sits.

Reinhardt says a love for owning a business was put into the women growing up, even though they often complain about having to work for their parents.

After deciding to act on this love, the women opened Love and Lace together in 1995. Reinhardt then decided to open her own shop three years ago, but not without the help of her older sister.

“She’s my baby sister,” said Mummelthei. “I helped her with just hooking her up with the right people for her planning and her banking and then she’s a very creative person, so on her own she took it after that and went for it.”

However, Reinhardt says her dad who taught her how to run a successful business.

“The customer is always right,” Reinhardt said. “You always treat them with respect. You always put them first. And just always have joy in your business and in your heart because that’s what’s going to make a person want to come back.”

Reinhardt’s two daughters currently help her run JoMarco. The boutique is split into a hair salon and a clothing shop, and each daughter helps with a different part.

Reinhardt says that she followed her dream when she opened her boutique, but that she encourages her girls to do whatever it is they dream of.

However, she says she thinks they too are starting to get the business-owning bug.

“What I’m seeing at this place is I think it’s their dream too. But if it’s what they want to do in their heart, I think it would be excellent.”

But for now, both women say they wish to continue to do what they love, and that the Waverly downtown business will stay in the family if it is meant to be.

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  1. After two years & one month as the owner, cook, chief bottle washer & window dresser, of the WILD CARROT, I would like to give clarity to the last statement about the other sister. Denise didn’t sell me the WILD CARROT, after 3 months as equal partners I bought her share out. We still share our love for the Wild Carrot and also our friendship. Toni

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