ETK event leaves students wanting more country fun

ony Smith leads the group of students through the steps before the line dancing began on Monday, Sept. 16. — Ali Schuetz/TRUMPET
ony Smith leads the group of students through the steps before the line dancing began on Monday, Sept. 16. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Shannon Stewart had a constant smile on her face Monday night.

Surrounded by other students, Stewart line danced, swinging to the left and right with as much country gust as she could muster.

Entertainment ToKnight held a line-dancing event Monday night, Sept. 16 in the Chapel Commons that resulted in a good turn out.

“When we are able to host an event that the students enjoy, no matter what the number, we consider it a success,” ETK President  Katlyn Underwood said.

The chapel basement wasfull of line dancers with a wide range of experts to beginners.

Echoes of laughter and dancing feet bounced off the walls in the basement.

Even one of the admissions counselors, Tony Smith, joined in on the fun, helping students learn how to line dance to a plethora of songs.

“My favorite part was learning to line dance to ‘Footloose’,” Stewart said. “Tony went through each step to teach us so we’d learn a sequence and do it a few times until we got it down, then continued on with the rest of the dance.”

ETK plans to include as many events as possible during the first month back to school.

Their main goal is to show the students what ETK has to offer, Underwood said.

Another one of their goals is to include events they have never done before to further interest students in participating, according to Underwood.

“We heard from students that they wanted a country- styled event and so we thought that line dancing would be a great place to start,” Underwood said.

She appeared to be right.

Stewart said it was a unique an experience.

“It was a good opportunity to bring a lot of different people together and to just take some time out of their busy days to let loose and dance,” Stewart said.

With such good reviews from students who attended, it seems the only question left among students is if there will be another line dancing event.

Underwood said many students left asking when they were going to do it again, along with students who weren’t able to make it asking the same thing.

“Having it every month would be fun,” Stewart said.

On Sept. 12, ETK also hosted Home Free, an a capella group, at Neumann Auditorium.

With their goal to create fun events for students without a large expense, ETK has more events up their sleeve for this fall.

ETK will be hosting their own “The Price is Right” game in the Lyceum at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

For more information, students can look for fliers around campus and also in the Mensa.

You can also learn more about ETK by visiting their Facebook page.

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