Fourth generation Wartburg student

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This past fall first year student Ella Newell joined three generations of family members that attended Wartburg. Ella joins her great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and even some aunts and uncles to be knighted on Wartburg’s campus.

Ella is double major in History and Spanish. Ella said that she always dreamed of going to Wartburg when she was younger, and even remembers telling people that she was going to Wartburg when she was 3.

However she remembers entering High School thinking that there was no way she would stay in Waverly and go to Wartburg. When senior year rolled around, Ella looked at a lot of different options, but was once again drawn back to Wartburg’s familiar campus.

While here, Ella plans to stay busy with her school work and activities. She was recently voted to student senate to go along with her work with the Wartburg Democrats and Pre-Law club.

Ella also plans to take adavantage of Wartburg’s strong study abroad program, and even jokes she may spend more time abroad than on campus.

Though being a fourth generation member of a long line of smart and well respected Knights comes with a lot of pressure, Ella accepts it and is proud to carry on the family tradition.

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