Greek life could be a way for students to feel involved

Deb Loers
Deb Loers

This year at Wartburg College, Greek life has been a fairly hot topic around campus.

Some see Greek life as an unneeded problem while others see it as a beneficial opportunity.

Dr. Deb Loers vice president for campus life at Wartburg feels Greek life is not necessary.

“The college has really not taken an interest or seen a need for this because of the strong sense of community that we have,” said Loers.

“I think that there is a desire to make sure that people feel that they can find a sense of community.”

Everywhere in the U.S., hazing is a big concern when it comes to fraternities and sororities.

According to the article “Frat Leaders’ Test Leads to Youth Death,” “David Bogenberger, a 19 year-old student at Northern Illinois University, was found dead in the winter of 2012 due to excessive alcohol consumption.”

This is just one example of hazing that ended in death. Many people are seeing concern with this aspe

Loers was in a sorority when she was in college and sees hazing as a great concern.

“From the time I was in college until now the Greek membership has dropped dramatically and that is one of the issues.” she said.

Loers said she understands that hazing does not only happen in these organizations.

She said hazing was not limited to just these Greek organizations but also says the concerns are not just focused on hazing.

“I think the college’s desire is to maintain and promote community where everyone feels a part of Wartburg so even though you might be in the choir or in whatever else, that your lifelong affiliation and your sense of community is being a Wartburg Alumni,” Loers said.

When it comes to fraternities and sororities, not everyone on campus sees them as negative or unnecessary.

Student Body Presidential Elect Zach Sommers sees things from a much different view.

“It will give an outlet for people who aren’t involved in anything on campus.  One-third of students are not involved on campus, and the other two-thirds are music and athletics so this could be a good outlet to get involved,” Sommers said.

Sommers said that it will take some work to get any organizations started.

“For the remainder of this summer and next semester, we will need to do a lot of research to see what all is involved,” Sommers said.

“It will take a lot of meetings with the administration I’m sure with Dean Loers and President Colson and get a formal stance on where the administration stands.”

Sommers also said that he would be interested in Greek life if it was already part of Wartburg.

He said he would have rushed a fraternity at some point in his college career.

Scott Zepeski, said that he thinks the college needs a change.

“I see the biggest advantage of Greek life at Wartburg to be an outlet for those not involved in sports or stronger student organizations to get involved and find their niche within the Wartburg community,” Zepeski said.


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