Hip-Hoppin’ at Wartburg

The Hip Hop Dance Team recently was approved by Student Senate as a new organization.
The Hip Hop Dance Team recently was approved by Student Senate as a new organization.

The Wartburg hip-hop dance team was recently approved as a new student organization.

The two captains, Destiny Davis and Gabby Larson, have a goal to promote diversity through the implementation of the new team.

Davis believes a lot of people miss dancing, but do not feel there is a place for them to dance on campus.

“It needs to be known that there will be a place on campus where it’s inclusive and you can do what you feel.

“We just want it to be another place we can call home,” she said.

Davis also said she wanted to focus on bringing people of all cultures together.
During the proposal at a Student Senate meeting, Davis said she really tried to push her goal of diversity.

“That really upsets me. [Wartburg] promotes [diversity] but then they bring the diversity and it stops there.

“There’s not a lot of things for minority students or international students to really hold on to,” Davis said.

Davis and Larson are actively trying to address that problem.

“I’ve been recruiting a lot of international students because even though their styles are different then mine, a lot of their styles are very similar to hip-hop. We can incorporate all of that,” Davis said.
Davis comes from a diverse dance background while living in Chicago.

Davis trained at a performance arts center until eighth grade in ballroom, African dancing and more.

On the other hand, Larson focused on hip-hop during high school in Waterloo at Fusion Dance & Fitness.

Aside from cultural diversity, Davis is eager to find students of both genders to dance on the team.

“We want guys and girls. Two guys tried to start a break dance team last year. We want them, we just don’t know who they are,” Davis said.

Davis and Larson urge people who know how to tut, do footwork, dub step, elusions and even technically trained dancers to join the team.

In that inclusiveness, the captains are hoping for teammates to have input on choreography.

“Even if it’s just like it’s this one move we should do. That’s fine. Show me that one move,” Davis said.

The two also have goals for the upcoming year.

They hope to perform at numerous events on campus such as basketball games, ETK events, Orange Exceleration and the Homecoming Pep Rally.

In addition, they hope to set up an end-of-the-year showcase including a children’s clinic and invitations for Chicago dance teams, Fusion Dance & Fitness from Waterloo and the Wartburg Dance Team to all participate.

If you are interested in joining the hip-hop dance team, contact Destiny Davis at or Gabby Larson at

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