Intramurals experience growth spurt after changes

Sammy Meier took advantage of the nice weather to practice for sand volleyball intramurals. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET
Sammy Meier took advantage of the nice weather to practice for sand volleyball intramurals. — Emily Novotny/TRUMPET

Changes have been made to intramurals since Joelle Rummell started as the new intramural coordinator intern in mid-December.

“We have a staff. I hired some staff, some officials. They didn’t have any officials when I got here,” Rummell said.

“From what I have been told, it used to be ref your own so that is one big step for us.”

Another change is the new registration page, This year, there have been 336 people signed up on the new website, Rummell said.

Lindsey Boyke has noticed the addition of more intramurals since she was a freshman.

“It’s a great way to get the student population involved on campus so I’m excited to see the program expanding and adding new options,” Boyke said.

“I say the more sport options, the better.”

These new intramurals include some non-traditional intramurals such as Tough Knight Mud Run and Battleship, Rummell said.

Rummell said that she has been told more people have been participating in intramurals.

While court space decides when intramurals will be played, the weather has also proven to be another challenge with this year’s schedule, Rummell said.

Rummell said many students play intramurals because it gives them a chance to play sports again. Craig Hense said this is part of the reason he plays intramurals.

“I played sports a lot in high school until I got hurt. I messed up my back and knee in high school, and I still wanted to play,” Hense said.

Hense and Rummell both said intramurals give people a chance to meet new people.

Boyke said intramurals give her a chance to play with her friends  in a competitive and fun atmosphere.

Intramurals also allow athletes the chance to play another sport for fun.

Boyke is a soccer player at Wartburg and said she enjoys the opportunity intramurals gives her to play something besides soccer for enjoyment.

“I picked volleyball because I love sand volleyball and it’s one of my few chances to continue to play the sport,” Boyke said.

“I can’t play the sport competitively due to soccer so this is my only opportunity to play it at all.”

Hense has played intramurals since his freshman year at Wartburg and has played softball every year.

He said he has noticed more people join intramurals in May Term. The increase in participants may be due to the nicer weather and having most afternoons open, Rummell said.

Softball games take place on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings while sand volleyball is played on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Hense encouraged students to come watch the games.

“It always feels good to have people watch instead of having no one there. Other people get enjoyment out of it too,” Hense said.

“Whether your team is winning or losing, they can laugh at people.”

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