Meet the candidates of 2017


Q: Why did you decide to run?
Emily Laudner: Since my first semester, I knew I wanted to run for student body president.

At the beginning of this year, I thought my dream of running for Student Body President was over because I was originally scheduled to student teach next year.

Students are not allowed to run for President or VP if planning to student teach.

However, I changed my four-year plan into a four and a half year plan, pushing my student teaching back a semester so that I could pursue what I am most passionate about at Wartburg.
Karl Jaeschke: I decided to run because of my love for students, faculty and staff at Wartburg.

As a student, there are few options like this where I can serve such a large body of people.
Q: What do you stand for?
Colin Jacobs: We stand for the students before anything else. Wartburg is on the verge of making significant institutional changes, and Emily and I want to make sure these changes are not finalized without the input of students.

Emily and I have the relationships and knowledge that can help ensure that students themselves will be able to voice their opinions and have them heard.
Naomi Alene: I stand for love.

The manifestation of love is in advocacy, action and empowerment. Love does not discriminate, love is not selfish and love is unconditional. I stand for all of these things and do my best to live in a way that reflects that.
Q: How did you choose your running mate?

Jacobs: Emily and I became closer after coordinating a satellite voting location on campus, on behalf of the organizations we represent.

As Senate continued and elections got closer, I expressed my interest in running to her, and asked if she’d be interested in running with me.

Emily has the most experience and passion out of almost anyone in Senate, and it shows when you talk to her. I know Senate and the student body will be in good hands with her leading.
Alene: Karl and I both had a couple of mutual friends that encouraged us to run together. I was a little hesitant at first because I didn’t know if our values aligned. Just after a few minutes of talking, I noticed we did indeed share the same values.

The first time we talked about running together, Karl said, “If we do this, it isn’t about us. It’s about the students.” I felt the same way, so we decided to go for it.
Q: What do you want to change?
Laudner: Colin and I’s main goal is to make sure the students are heard more than ever with institutional changes upon us.

We also have plans to make Student Senate embrace the service pillar of Wartburg’s mission statement by including a service coordinator into the cabinet of Student Senate, who would work with the VAC in attempts to get Student Senate more involved in services on campus and in the community.

We would like to improve communication between students and Senate by adding a component to hall councils. We would have hall councils gather informally bi-weekly or monthly in their hall lounges to meet with students to gather input with possible organization events or institutional changes.
Jaeschke: In a nutshell, I want to not change, but enhance the proceedings of Senate. As for the student body, I want to solve the issues that are the most uncomfortable to address. I want to dig deep into finding long-lasting solutions, not surface-level satisfactions.
Q: What is your biggest goal if you get elected?
Laudner: Ensuring the students that Student Senate is established to represent them. Student Senate makes a lot of accommodations and goals towards making student life better and more fun during students’ time here at Wartburg.

By changing, or adding to, some fundamental parts of Student Senate, we believe we can accomplish just this.
Jaeschke: This will be difficult, but I want to reach the point where the women and men of Wartburg are so strong and empowered, that students begin taking initiative on their own. I want to see a culture of respect and allophilia.
Students will recieve an email to cast their vote for the candidates. They must send in their vote by midnight on Friday, Feb. 17.

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