Scrub N Style makes home in Waverly

Style N Scrub business
A Style N Scrub customer checks out the wide selection of scrubs on hand at the store.

Over the summer a new business popped up in the downtown Waverly area. The store is called Scrub N Styles.

Scrub N Styles is a  medical supply store that sells various medical accessories. Some of the accessories include various styles of medical scrubs, socks, nametags and stethoscopes.

“We carry a wide variety of sizes, brands, styles and colors… there is something for everyone on any budget,” said store owner Candi Cheville.

The store, which is located 211 West Bremer Ave, opened on June 24  ahead of its grand opening in Aug. 27.

Cheville said she chose Waverly because it was strategically located and also people come here to shop at Wal-Mart and a few other stores.

“Waverly is perfect because it is right in in the middle of all the rural communities, people who work in Clarksville, people who work in Denver , people who work up north, can all come here. It’s not as far of a drive as Cedar Falls or Waterloo.”

Cheville said her reasoning for opening the  store was that she had been a nurse for six years and found it difficult shopping online. She opened the store so  people could try the stuff on and leave with it the same day.

“Ordering online was difficult, this was my way of making it where people could come in see if it fits, try the stuff on, see if it looks right and then leave with the purchase rather than deal with the shipping back and forth,” said Cheville.

 Even though the store has only been open for three months, it has made some excellent progress. Later in the month, Cheville will do her first mobile store.  She was contacted by the Mercy Hospital in Waterloo to fill their order for their staff. Cheville said  one unique aspect of the mobile store is that it brings everything that is in the actual store to its clients. The mobile store makes it convenient  for its clients to shop without coming all the way to Waverly. The mobile store adds a convenience  for those who cannot travel.

Cheville said she had been receiving  positive feedback from her costumers. Waverly and the surrounding communities were excited about the arrival of the store.

“They had  great selection and everything was so cut,” said customer Shania Lee.

Cheville said the area is limited as far as stores for specialized uniforms and her customers were excited to stop here instead on continuing on their travels.

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