Students prank positively with ding dong ditch event

Liz Rucker reads the card she received from positive ding dong ditching in her room on the third floor of Clinton Hall. — Eric Hilpert/TRUMPET
Liz Rucker reads the card she received from positive ding dong ditching in her room on the third floor of Clinton Hall. — Eric Hilpert/TRUMPET

Students on the first floor of Centennial “ding dong ditched” students on the third floor of Clinton on Nov. 11 and left note cards with positive sayings on them.

Andrew Tubbs, Resident Assistant of first floor Centennial, hosted the “positive pranking” event as part of his floor program and to celebrate World Kindness Day, which took place Nov. 13.

“Because of the stress of finals, with the poor weather and it’s getting dark earlier, this is the sad season, when depression sets in, people just in general seem to have a lower self-esteem so it was just something a little positive to bring

someone’s day up, just to make someone’s day during a time that is very difficult,” Tubbs said.

The group left the cards with encouraging statements and tootsie rolls at the students’ doors.

The note cards contained messages including, “you can do it,” “you can make it through this week” and “break is almost here.”

Since they knocked and ran, they have not heard if the event helped the students on the third floor of Clinton.  However, the participants seemed to respond positively, Tubbs said.

“The people who participated really enjoyed it,” Tubbs said.  “They felt good about it afterwards and they wanted to do it again.”

Liz Rucker, who lives on the third floor of Clinton, received a card that said, “you have really nice elbows.”

“I was really confused when I heard people knock on my door then heard feet scampering down the hallway.  I laughed when I read the card, nice elbows, really?  Well it made me laugh, so I guess it worked,” Rucker said.

Since the event, Rucker has been looking for small ways to help others as well.

“After I received the note card, I began trying to find ways to continue the random acts of kindness,” Rucker said.

“Even though this was a small act, I believe that something like this can help people through a tough time, whether it is finals, family issues or anything.”

Tubbs received the idea from a video blog called vlogbrother, which started in 2007.

In one of their earlier videos, they performed positive prank calling.

They would call random people and tell them a good quote or positive statements, then hang up.

“Positive pranking takes the connotation of pranking and turns it on its head to make it something positive rather than something that’s negative,” Tubbs said.

Six or seven students from first floor Centennial participated in the event with Tubbs.

Tubbs thinks the weather hindered people from showing up.

Tubbs hopes to plan another ding doing ditching event when the weather is warmer, so more people will participate, maybe sometime second semester near finals.

He wants to go into the Waverly community to ding dong ditch there.

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