The Outlet to host music festival

Gretchen Skellenger and Anthony Lynn performed in last year’s For Artists By Artists concert. — Submitted photo

The Outlet is holding the second annual For Artists By Artists music festival, May 16 at 7 p.m., to shine a spotlight on the talented musicians on campus.

For Artists By Artists (known as FABA) is in its second year of existence. It will once again be held on campus in the courtyard in front of Old Main. The concert is put together for campus musicians that otherwise may not get a chance to showcase their skills.

Once the set is finalized, there will be 15 to 20 Wartburg artists performing music from a wide variety of genres, including everything from folk and acoustic to rap and hip hop. Many musicians are playing with multiple groups.

One such musician is guitarist Hunter Gray. Gray has been heavily involved with previous Outlet events and was last year’s winner of the Battle of The Unsigned Artists. Gray is excited to get the chance to collaborate with artists of different genres.

“I think I’m going to let go of the solo thing, even though I’d like to do it. That way I can do some group stuff that I’d be interested in. A lot of the people that I’d be performing with are going to be graduating this year, so I think playing with them at this is going to be pretty cool,” Gray said.

Gray is also a member of The Outlet. The Outlet is a student-run organization that brings Wartburg artists together and gets their names out there. Like FABA, The Outlet is in its second year of existence.

The Outlet has put on large shows before. Last year’s FABA attracted a large audience.

“We attracted about half of the student body last year,” said Holly Hejlik, vice president and co-creator of The Outlet. She contributes in many roles both behind the scenes and on stage.

Hejlik plays a large part in finding artists to play at The Outlet events, promoting events and keeping contact with the necessary people at Wartburg to make sure they have the proper permission to hold events like FABA. As a performer, Hejlik has a folk acoustic sound.

Hejlik and Gray both expressed appreciation for the platform that FABA provides them to showcase their skills.

“It’s definitely awesome. You’ve got a courtyard full of people at night, with the lights shining on you. It’s pretty spectacular,” Gray said.

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