The price of prom

It’s a night that high school seniors, juniors and sometimes-underclassmen look forward to all year long. But, while many great memories are made, the night of prom comes at a fairly large expense.

“There’s the tux, there’s getting into prom, there’s the meal, any activities you want to do after prom, like last year we went laser tagging, we’re thinking about doing that again this year. And then of course if you’re staying out late you got to go get breakfast, so there’s that,” Zach Hansen, Waverly-Shell Rock senior said.

In just a few short weeks, prom will be here and high schoolers from all over will put hundreds of dollars towards the occasion.

Andrea Koch, Manager of Simply I Do in Cedar Falls said the prices of going to prom add up. “If you were to buy like a 500 dollar prom dress, and spend fifty dollars on accessories, to get your hair done, and your nails, that’s probably another fifty [dollars], to tan. Probably seven, 800, 900 dollars would be my assumption.”

Hansen said his night will add up to be several hundred dollars as well. “150 bucks. Plus that’s just the night without the rentals and everything. With rentals it was probably 200 [dollars] and then I had another prom to go to so 400 [dollars].”

Waverly-Shell Rock senior, Ali Arns said among many things, the biggest expense is the dress. “Then there’s all the little things that you don’t think about. Shoes, jewelry, nails, hair, the meal, your flowers.”

Although Koch said she thinks girls are expected to pay a lot for prom, she said spending a few hundred dollars on a dress alone isn’t unusual.

“I think sometimes when people go into it not expecting that you’re going to pay, you know 500 dollars for a dress it’s can be a little frustrating at first. But then as you go to more stores you realize that it’s pretty normal to pay between 350 and 550 [dollars],” Koch said.

Hansen said the price tag on the night isn’t his main focus.

“It depends on who you’re with and what you do. Cause last year it was definitely worth it and I think it will be again this year as long as, you know ,we have a good time,” Hansen said.

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