Volunteers needed for ASPIRE riding program

The non-profit organization ASPIRE in Waterloo is looking for volunteers.

The organization offers therapy through horseback to individuals with any physical, cognitive and emotion disabilities.

Anyone at age 14 and older can volunteer their time to help the Therapeutic Riding Program at ASPIRE. Some prior exprience would be beneficial, however, if you have no experience with horses you can still be involved.

Volunteers will be trained with the proper instructions so it is a safe environment for both the horse and the individual getting therapy.

Therapy horseback riding classes will be offered later this April. Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday the class will be offered from 4 to 7 in the evening.

Volunteers who do not want to be with the horses can also assist in the office or the barn. Volunteers will be put in the position based on their strengths.

“It really is fun. Volunteers love it and they get to know eachother and become friends. They become friends with the family, the kids that they work with, and the kids become friends with the other kids. It becomes its own community out there each night of the week we have class.”

For the volunteers who do have experience, they will go through certain tests based on their level of past experince.

Please contact Marilyn Moore, Executive Director, at 319-296-0964 or at Also, visit ASPIRE’s web page at





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